Monday, June 2, 2008

Organic = Healthy?...Check the Label

We’d all love to believe that the label “organic” is synonymous with “healthy.” But that may not be the case when it comes to Similac’s Organic Formula.

article in the New York Times suggests Similac’s Organic Formula, which costs about five bucks more than non-organic Similac formulas, is the sweetest formula around. It uses cane sugar, which is sucrose and has been falling out of favor in infant formula since the 1950s.

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“No health problems in babies have been associated with Similac Organic,” the article states. “But to pediatricians, there are risks in giving babies cane sugar.”

Concerns about sucrose include harming tooth enamel faster than other sugars and contributing to obesity, which is why the European Union plans to ban it in infant formula by the end of 2009.

In a New York Times taste test, the Similac Organic formula tasted the sweetest, with “the sweetness of grape juice or Country Time lemonade.”

Makes me want to re-evaluate the Similac Advanced that I feed my son currently.
Anyone want to weigh in on the formula subject? I would love to hear what formula is best for baby.

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Missie Rose said...

i love this blog. i've been wanting to start a website for eons about the daily struggle of trying to be Green, and Good, with my food and everyother purchase. i can't even use plastic wrap anymore without being convicted! it's out of control, and quite amusing. we should team up and do it together.