Thursday, May 22, 2008

You Need This

So I've come across this great website and it has quickly become my skincare 'bible' of sorts. Being a Williams (which is synonomous with frugality), I cannot simply just throw out all the skincare items I have and start over. Plus the Lowrie side of me (aka. my husband Zach) would be more than a little irritated with me for my lack of respect with our finances. Instead I am slowly buying new and "better for me" skincare products as my old ones run out. I use this website to look up any and all baby products for Dutch and am starting to take a good hard look at what all my make up contains as well. It's pretty easy to spend a good hour or so on this site (at least for me it is).

Take a look, play around a bit...there is a wealth of information. Including a tool that allows you to input the ingredients on any product you are using that is not in their database and gives you the 'Hazard Score' based on those ingredients.

You will most likely see more from this website in future blogs. Ta!

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Missie Rose said...

i'm familiar with this site. very resourceful.

and i too, am in the same boat of frugaility with you. the worst part is when i get something as a gift then i feel DOOMED to use it until it's gone. i don't know which is worse: pouring dangerous toxins down the drain and into our watershed that someone gave me in good jesture, or, putting dangerous chemicals and agents on my skin, or, on conrad's skin, or to clean with...yikes.